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About us

    Sichuan Guodong Construction Group Corporation (Guodong Group) is the majority shareholder of Sichuan Guodong Construction Co., ltd (Guodong Construction), The company was established in 1994, in February 2th, 1982 it was created by Mr. Wang Chunming who combined 12 enterprises. The company headquarters is located in Guodong Central Business Plaza in Chengdu City and has branches and manufacturing factories located in Chengdu, Guangyuan, Mianyang, Nanchong. In total Guodong Group have a combined production area of more than 1,333.4 thousand square meters. The registered capital base of Guodong Construction is RMB 1.51055 billion, total assets are valued at RMB 3.770568 billion, and a debt ratio is 28%. In the current financial year (2015) registered capital of Guodong Group is RMB 1.89188 billion, and total assets valued at RMB 4.205615 billion, and the debt ratio is 34%.
    Guodong Construction) has issued its A-type stock at the Shanghai Stock Exchange on May 2001 (Stock code:600321) and has a total market value of RMB12 billion. Guodong Group has many major specialisms: one is producing the highest quality fiberboard (production lines imported from Germany), another is glass production and Guodong have several glass processing lines which have been imported from USA、Italy and Finland, another is general Construction contracting and the company was the first in China to undertake Curtain wall decoration. Guodong also own a four-star hotel and a five-star hotel which have combined floor space of 77,818.47 square meters and a total of 508 rooms. Currently Guodong Construction has six main business areas these are high-end, processed fiberboard, general construction contracting, glass processing, property management, high-end hotels, catering and tourism service, and real estate development and property leasing.

    It is notable that Guodong’s annual production of MDF/HDF and PB is 1,300,000 cubic meters, annual production of veneer board/laminate floor is 30 million square meters, annual producing coated glass, tempered glass, hollow, laminate, bullet-proof and hot bending glass is 2.5 million square meters.
In 2014, a factory with annual output of 200,000 tons of high-quality natural soda water was built at Yanting, which is a salt city with a history of more than one thousand years and is the hometown of LeiZu and is soon to floated on the Chinese market.

    The company expanded abroad in 1992, this was a significant step for a Chinese company at this time as the  United States had blocked the export of advanced technologies being exported to China after 1989! However, Guodong Group was successful in negotiations and introduced a large vacuum coating glass production line in the United States. From then on, Guodong has successfully cooperated with numerous world-leading  enterprises and introduced the world's leading fully automatic production lines from the United States, Germany, Italy, Finland, Austria, Switzerland and other countries to China.  As a leading enterprise in wood-based panel industry and an aircraft carrier in architectural material industry of China, Guodong has become the central and western regions in China's largest entity to make new materials industry leading enterprises. Throughout the adjustment of the State industrial policies, Guodong would start to invest in the developed countries such as UK and USA, explore the international market, Guodong is proud to work with many partners throughout the word and is proud to play a major role in Chinese industry, significantly contributing to the China’s industry growth and social progress and helping realizing the great Chinese dream!