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  Chengdu Guodong Hotel (four-star positioning) is located at the “Guodong Central Business Building” at the intersection of Jindun Road, Shaanxi Street and Wenweng Road in the golden road of downtown Chengdu. It is close to Tianfu Square, People's Park, Wuhou Temple, Du Fu's Thatched Cottage, etc. It is a CBD core business center that integrates the central business district, administrative office area, education and humanities area, and brings together the core of the city. , Transportation, entertainment, landscape resources. The hotel has 168 luxurious and business-type rooms. The rooms are equipped with closed-circuit television (can watch the central stage, TV programs of various provinces and cities and overseas channels), central air-conditioning, free broadband Internet access, five-star luxury beds and superior bathrooms. The hotel can provide a free breakfast to make your business trip homelike.

  The hotel has a reception hall, Chinese and Western restaurants, bath feet and other ancillary facilities; the hotel has a multi-functional conference hall and small meeting rooms that can accommodate more than 100 people, and can host various forms of training meetings, product launches, signing ceremonies, and government agencies to meet Waiting to meet your needs for various meetings.

  Address: 195 Shaanxi Street, Chengdu (52 Jindun Road)

  Reservation Phone:028-8611311186135222

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