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Home improvement how to select the flooring?

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  How to select the flooring?

  The basic purpose of taxation is to promote enviroment protection and save natural resources.In the interview,there are content of the compound laminated flooring is higher ,whether it means non enviroment protection.

  When buying compound laminated flooring,you must be carefull.Wood floor of regular factories usually have the following three credentials:"National Industrial product license," "Enviroment protection certificate "issued by state Enviroment Protection Administration of china and "Laissez-passer"issued by General Administration of Quality supervision of china .You can rest assured to buy the products marked EO which means the formaldehyde content is less than 0.5%.Besides the credentials ,there are also lots of details to be specially noted.

  Bussinessman (Turn over the board and see whether the anti-fake sign complys with that issued by the factory)

  Worth mentioned is that when buying wood floor,the selection of accessories is also important.

  Bussinessman (Comparision selection for the ground mat)

  Selecting the right mat,it isn't only comfortable on the feet ,but also has the effect of damp-proof and soundproof.

  Bussinessman (Selection for glue)

  Although these are small details,they directly affect the decorating result of the wood floor.So please don't ignore them .These can help us save lots of troubles.

  Hits for selecting wood floor:

  1.Water rate can't be high.The water rate of solid wood floor normally is 12% to 14%,The consumers can ask the decorating company to send persons with testing list testing the water rate on size .

  2.Large board isn't egual to good result.The normal best size is that length is less than 600mm ,width is less than 75mm and thickness is about 12 to 18mm

  3.Thickness isn't egual to comfortable on feet ,Thickness isn't the major factor to laminated flooring .The key is bedding layer ,keel and processing craft.


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