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Negative ions on the human body

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  Artificial negative ions on the human body

  People's awareness of indoor air purification anion from the beginning of understanding. However, some manufacturers of the hair as anion air purifier for commercial publicity, the negative ions added to the floor, yet the majority of consumers on the concept of air purification brought into a misunderstanding.

  Aeroanion been clinically proven in medicine on human physiological function of certain catalytic role, therefore, the "air vitamin" reputation. In polluted air, negative ions in the air with dust, into a certain polarity polluted particles, called heavy ions. Heavy ions has no light negative ions, on the contrary, increased the original air pollutants on the human body.

  Some test report provides negative ions in the air to remove dust or bacteria data. In fact, from the air purification principle, this is not a real dusting process. Negative ions in the air of dust particles only unifying role, there is no clear function, the original air pollution in the tiny suspended particles under the influence of the anion coagulate into larger particles, which gradually settling down in the room. Polar dust particles, it is easily absorbed in the wall, pillows, quilts, furniture, most easily found on the TV screen. Used anion product users have this experience, is an indoor surface dust is particularly high. Dust in the air is transferred to the surface of the object, activity or thing if someone moves, the dust will be tilted, once again flying into the air. This is like the previously opened windows will be able to fly out of harmful substances together, let him stay at home, did not reduce the harmful substances, but from the suspension into a condensed state, endangering more than ever, but may not will be able to smell. This is like the air of carbon monoxide together let you smell, the consequences can be imagined.

  Anion settling dust in the air is a slow process. The most horrible thing is that in this slow process of settling particle contamination is bound to go through people's breathing zone, causing a threat to human health so some unscrupulous businessmen to take advantage of this feature, with a number of testing equipment, is not detected on the surface of the hazardous substances , but actually harmful substances or at home, but for a form likely to adsorb on your pillow, quilt, once you are sucked condensed state of harmful substances, and that the consequences would be harmful or even thousands of times times. So they generally have one meter off the ground, and the more obvious effect to promote its goods and anion long duration, the greater the harm to human body, no matter what kind of artificial anion generated in different ways, contains chemicals not the same, but regardless of what kind are lower than the waterfalls, forests anion effect.

  So be sure to avoid buying consumer products and anion anion floor, like the previous streptomycin, although able to cure diseases, but also make people deaf, so now banned for use. As long as there is no national standard for functional products, do not try unless you want to do a small lab mice.

  Ion against big appliances to more ventilation using anion

  Many appliances come with produce negative ions, such as air purifiers, television, computer, sterilizer, humidifiers, and even hair dryer and so on. China Institute of Building Standard Design Studio electrical engineer Liu silvery reminder, or when using anion appliance after use, pay attention to ventilation window.

  If the negative ions in the air reaches a certain amount, the body will indeed have health effects, such as to regulate the body's physiological function, reduce fatigue, improve sleep, antibacterial and so on.

  However, according to the Associated Press, National Taiwan University, a recent study found that many appliances in the anion will also produce negative ions to produce ozone, the ozone generated some negative ion products more than normal concentration of 5 to 6 times. When people prolonged use of negative ion products, the ozone concentration in the indoor air will increase, while the content of negative ions in the air will be a corresponding rise, then the excess of negative ions and ozone can irritate the throat, nose and lungs department, may eventually lead to pneumonia and other diseases. Therefore, people in the use of some anion appliances, such as televisions, disinfecting cabinet, while the best open window, about half an hour or so, the excess ozone and negative ions will be distributed. And some appliances are not needed when using windows, such as air purifiers, humidifiers, Liu silver bells remind some negative ion products in the instructions said a large amount of negative ions generated, if in the course so close to, is bound exposure to high concentrations of negative ions and ozone, so the use of these appliances do not get too close, preferably every 1 to 2 meters. Also, do not prolonged use.


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