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Why is there the floor side bulge phenomenon?

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  Laminate flooring complaint case analysis

  Why is there the floor side bulge phenomenon?

  Floor flooring edge ridges representing a large proportion of complaints, especially in the north geothermal environments, relatively large changes in the surface temperature during the heating process, the water fleeing the ground floor, leading plate edge bulge. In this complaint, many consumers believe that product quality problems, some dealers that are environmental issues. Often the two sides at loggerheads over, unable to define responsibilities, to bring a lot of trouble handling of complaints, there have been a number of wrongful convictions and false positives.

  1 water source

  Completion of the new building, when the moisture content of the floor more than 15%, the South up to about 20%, regardless of geothermal environment or the general environment, the installation of the floor, the total ran out of some water from the ground. If geothermal environments in the late winter heating, the moisture content of the ground below 6%, meaning that nearly one ton of cement floor in around 100kg of water to run away. Therefore, geothermal project after a period of time should try to put more holes and floor heating is best to first floor will be some time before installation safer. In fact, many consumers are geothermal project shortly after the installation of the floor, the ground is not well dried, but can not do the first time after the installation of floor heating. To the floor of the safety and security, but also on the floor of the moisture treatment raised higher requirements.

  2 floor phenomenon complaint

  Floor plate edge appears duck bag, there is a single package in two middle of the floor, some multiple packages exist in two middle of the floor; others together into one, irregular distribution in the room. Formed between the two adjacent continuous floor interface, the situation must be external conditions, product quality can not be two floor simultaneously in the same place, and the interface is continuous. There are two possible causes of the problem, namely the installation floor damp proof membrane joins Department does not stick strictly, through tidal phenomenon occurs, resulting in drum kits. If the drum kit from the floor at the opening, where the damp proof membrane is damaged or does not stick strictly belonging to install quality problems, should be responsible for floor installation. Second, because the user does not accidentally spilled water bulge caused by the phenomenon, if the drum kit from the floor at the opening, where the damp proof membrane is not damaged, improper use and maintenance are a matter for the consumers.

  In addition, the floor plate edge drum kits water infiltration tell if it is up to the surface of the water or the user running water onto the surface of the water from the ground water infiltration lines are great on the small arc, the user running water infiltration water line next big small arc. In addition, we can also hand pressure at the drum kit to determine if the drum kit with a beat at the floor caused by damp drum kits (quality of the installation or use of improper maintenance) feel is solid. If the product quality problems, is formed between the two floors of the package should be unilateral, and hand pressure drum kit at a soft feel that there is stratification flooring substrate, or surface tensile strength failed. Laminate flooring through our analysis of complaints such problems, quality issues account for less than 1%, improper installation and maintenance accounted for 99% or more. Visible to strengthen installation team training and guidance on the use of consumers' knowledge about the product is very important.

  Liaoning Province Furniture Association Flooring Committee Consultant

  Jilin Forestry Dean Professor: Wang Jun


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