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Sterilization flooring is not misleading?

Number of visits: Date:2007-07-23 16:44

  Is selerilizing flooring misgwided?

  A popular conception usually made a series of product come up .As the enviromental building materials increasingly being in favour,numbers of products with "Anti-bacteria" such as anti-bacteria coating ,anti-bacteria wall cloth jump into people's eyes one after another ,including flooring .the speciallized terms that siwer anti-bacteria ,nano light catalyst and oxidize zinc become the new sale focus .

  Then what is the standard of the anti-bacteria ?

  How to limit the persistence and effect of anti-bacteria?Wherther the additives do harm to people's bodies or not ?......On the large exhibition of building materials recently,a flooring brand performed a scene play:several performers with black clothing,sticking respectively "germ","moth","odour","mould",etc.on the their chest performed "grappling play"of sterilizing flooring.


  Not far away, another brand flooring also seize the opportunity to play continuous sterilization of the signs, the duration of 15 years. When asked whether it was not relevant testing standards, a sales staff to two copies of analytical test report table shaking a bit, microbiological testing center in Guangdong Province, the test, the detection time is 13 July 2004. When reporters want to know about the specific testing standards, the sales staff was snatched detection table, and said: "Anyway, customers know it's common bacteria eradication rate of 99.9% on the line."

  In a building materials market, a brand of floor two salesman, said: "Some of the floor is not anti-bacterial floor trader in the hype, laminate flooring glue used, the more original, formaldehyde not exceeded on the good, but also sterilization?" Interview many years of doing business on the floor floor trader throws a similar doubts.

  Face at an end of the argument, we try to find a statement from an expert at.

  "The emergence of antimicrobial flooring, flooring industry indicates that China has entered a new stage of development." Fangchong Rong is the provincial forest products quality inspection station engineer, but also provincial president of the Association flooring industry, he said, antibacterial flooring on the market today, namely material is added to the floor bactericidal additives (mainly titanium oxide) produced by processing. From the principle of view, the release of the active substance by ultraviolet irradiation causes deterioration of the proteins of bacteria and death, is feasible. Nevertheless, he was worried that, as a new field, antibacterial flooring bactericidal effect, the duration of the current domestic and not a single unified technical testing standards, even abroad in this regard is blank. In general, these bactericidal effect flooring is a common bacteria such as E. coli and living Staphylococcus aureus. Bactericidal effect only stay on the floor surface, the air is very difficult to kill the germs. Noteworthy problem is that many businesses in order to pursue the interests of the moment, inevitably muddy the waters, they played cards and even enlarge the concept of so-called "anti-bacterial", thus misleading consumers, which are worthy of attention.


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