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Protection of common fault of wood floor

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  Protection of common fault of wood floor

  Floor is important in family decoration.Besides it takes a large proportion in decorating fees,the common faults containing deforming ,cracking and sounding are difficult to remedy. Flooring has four types:First is rigid material( stone material ,glazed tile ,cement type .etc.);second is wood marerial (also called elasticity material).It maintly contains solid wood floor, compound floor laminated floor and bamboo floor;Third is sheet material (Plastic cement ,floor leather etc);Fourth is fabric (carpet ,etc.)The floor present used usually is wood flooring.

  Floor appearing the above common fault has the follwing factors:

  One is the quality of floor itself should be good .At present the price difference of solid wood floor is large .The most cheapest is 40 yuan/m2,while the most expensive is 500 yuan/m2.According to experience,the stability of cheaper materials is poor.

  The other is the quality of construction .The water content of wood floor permitted is 1.1%.This is a variable value which can change as the surroundings change.In order to reduce the change, the construcrtion reguires to be strict.First is the pavement of keel.The length of floor is based on 30cm ,dividing into 30,60,90,120cm .so the distance between floor and keel must be based on 30cm ,Second is the expension joint should be provided at the floor closed to the wall .The proportion of and contract usually is /cm/m .so the joint shound be 1.5cm at all the edge.

  Unproper use of the floor also can cause problems.You must notice the indoor air,excessive dry or humid may affect the floor.

  When deaning the floor,don't use the mop contained lots of water .When the enviroment is dry,use the humidifier adjust.And the floor should be often waxed.


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