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Five kinds of laminate flooring can not buy

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  Can't buy the following 5 typs of laminated flooring

  Laminated flooring is more and more puplar,but you should pay attion to following 5 typs,When you select.

  "dour flooring"Over form aldehyde

  Good quality laminated wooden flooring selected melamine as of basic material,but "odour flooring"using urine aldehyde which price is 1/7 of melamine.The "odour flooring"used low production techonlogy bad quality basic meterial and the formadehy de was over the chinese standard .

  "short life flooring":overlary with no wearablity

  The "short life flooring"overlay used low price normal decoration paper and low revolution of wear The overlay of good quality laminated wooden flooring is AL2O3 whose price is 20%-30% of the total cost .whitout overlay or heavy of wear paper not reach the stands,will be the reason of causing short-life.

  "soft wick flooring"is also for reducing the cost,It used MDF partide board as the material of laminated flooring the material laminated wooden flooring sould use HDF and strictly control the swelling and water contert.The cost of "soft wick flooring"basic material is low 1/2~1/3than regular factory cost

  "workshop flooring"low teachology

  laminated flooring need to high teachology and some famous factories can produce severial thousand m2/D.But some small factores production quantily and teachology can't reach the relation chinese standard.

  The precision reached micron,and replaced it on time ,just the cost of blade is 2-3yuan/m2 of flooring.But some workshop used normal wooden cut the precision can't reach standard,so left joints and the clench of fixing not good."LiGui flooring"pose as famous brand

  "LiGui"flooring used main ways of arrogating famous brandcoping imitating to

  The ways to settle it

  Buying famous brand should go to regular maket ,and keep invoice

  Expert suggest selecting well-know brand and give quality pleadeing syatem certification in building materials market you should clearly known the reference or check reprot,and ask for invoice If have quality problem you can clain to the seller according to the .


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