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    Three introduced continuous high density fiberboard production lines have the world advanced technology of Germany with the annual output of 750,000 cubic meters at Airport branch of Sichuan Guodong Construction Co., Ltd. throughout employees of production line technology digestion and absorption of knowledge, all kinds of high density fiberboard product performance has reached the standards of European EN622 – 5:1997 MDF. D board and EMB/PS/HDF: 1997.09 HDF. D board. It can be produced a variety of popular and custom specifications of the high density fiberboard of density of 400-1200 kg/m3, thickness of 1.6 mm to 40 mm, width of 2.62 meters and length of within 50 meters.
    Product processing performance is good, can be directly paint or used for melamine, PVC cover processing, can also be carved on the surface or processed into a variety of line, can get all kinds of good modelling effect; Product performance is good and has the good characteristics of moisture resistance, flame resistance, mildew resistance, widely used in floor, furniture, joinery board, and other indoor buildings such as wall, ceiling, door plank flat packaging, building and other fields.


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