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Tender Notice for purchasing Ginkgo tree and Osmanthus tree

Number of visits: Date:2015-03-16 11:10
Tree name: Ginkgo tree and Osmanthus tree
Quantity: about 5000 trees for each kind.
Place of delivery: Banqiao Shuangliu
Spec(Diameter): two offers for Φ6cm and Φ8cm, we would choose either of them.
Tender condition: lower price is preferred, project of fixed total price, 100% survival.
Lump price includes: Freight, plant engineering, crane, maintenance management, death compensation, balance beam and other expenses.
Term of payment: 20% deposit payment after trees arrived, 40% payment after completion of whose tasks. 40% payment after three months (after 100% survival).
The tender should be sent with sealed to the address as below within three days.
Address of tenderee: office of Guodong Construction Co., Ltd, 29f, Guodong Central Business Plaza, No, 195, Shanxi Street, Chengdu
Post code: 610041; contactor: Wang huan Tel: 028-86129378
The announcement would be released by Chengdu Commercial Daily, West China Metropolis Daily on March, 17th, 2015.


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