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    Guodong Artificial plate r&d headquarters was established in 2001, investment of RMB 800 million for 400,000  square meters of modern new material industrial Zone in Chengdu of Sichuan province, from Germany, the United States, Italy, Finland, Belgium and other countries successively introduced the latest technology of straw/wood particle board to the wood grain paper, rubber, printing pressure, cutting, milling and packing and the most advanced complete set, all imported production equipment, fully automated assembly production equipment.
    Automatic production line of fully Imported from Europe with annual output of 120,000 cubic wood particle board / 100,000 cubic meters straw particleboard, using the most advanced three diamond roll grading forming machine and the longest (8 * 72 feet) single roller production line in China with ensuring the uniform structure no deformation. Automatic sanding machine ensure the quality of deep processing of cover and sanding the surface fine and smooth. The line can cut the board of various specifications such as 1220 * 2440, 1525* 2440, 1830 * 2440, and so on, And also can be produced by the furniture factory scale, help the furniture factory saving more than 20% cost. Products meet the European environmental protection requirements of E0, E1 class.
    Short cycle wide veneer production line was imported from Germany, annual output of 30 million square meters furniture panel. This production line realized the automatic production and control, improved the forming accuracy of decorative paper through the man-machine interface. Veneer has the characteristics of high pollution-resistance and high brightness.
    Super wide and long processing laminate flooring automatic assembly line was imported from Germany with production capacity of 20 million square meters, the laminate flooring has the characteristics of stable geometrical dimension and unique tenon structure make the floor between spell relay with high strength and comprehensive guarantee the durable of the floor.
    Production line of Guodong Door industry selected international and domestic first-class processing equipment and has a number of independent intellectual property rights with annual output of 1 million indoor suite doors. Products include: strengthen flat door, PVC door, ornamental engraving and milling of carve patterns or designs on woodwork door, etc. Product has the characteristics of security, heat preservation, sound insulation, heat insulation and environmental protection.

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