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Guoxin Building

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  Guoxin Mansion is located in the center of Chengdu Tianfu Square in the west, provincial and municipal authorities, Holiday Inn, Jinjiang Hotel, Sofitel Wanda and people shopping, department store proudly up, beautiful scenery and people in close proximity AD. Dongchenggen close to the main road north-south traffic along South Street, near the east-Shudoutaidao.

  City Center

  Guoxin Mansion is located in the center of Chengdu Tianfu Square in the west, CBD central area. Its unique location makes it available in the "Central Business District", "Central Business District", "central government district" freely switch between to meet the diverse needs of customers.


  Traditional culture and modern architecture to a blend. Guoxin Building stands in a small town with ancient Tianfu Square, between being rich ancient culture and fashion blend of modern rhythms burst out bright light.


  North-south trunk road Dongchenggen Royal Street and West Street intersection here, close to the east-west Shudoutaidao make you navigate the mind.

  Shuttle bus 5,13,16,45,47,58,64,61,98 ...... multiplexer through Guoxin, transfer quickly and easily.

  Geographic location

  Habitat North hub hub choke thing. Guoxin Building, East Point, Tianfu Square, near the West People's Park, and provincial and municipal governments, financial centers, shopping centers, high-star hotel is next.

  Guoxin Building Property Management Services

  ★ hygiene: common parts and the unit regularly cleaned, garbage dumping

  ★ reception, consultation, comments, goods storage services

  ★ business center to print, copy, fax, postal services, ticketing, Car Hire

  ★ Property Management Department withheld utilities

  ★ engineering repair and maintenance, engineering, equipment repair and maintenance services

  ★ green environment

  ★ 24 hour parking

  ★ 24 小时 fire, security monitoring, emergency services

  Guoxin Building Facilities Standards

  ★ Exterior: granite hanging in Naples, Italy

  ★ Toilets: each has four toilets, TOTO sanitary ware

  ★ Parking: ground floor offers more than 80 parking spaces

  ★ corridor: Imported granite floors, paint walls

  ★ Elevator: 4 Taiwan and Japan's Mitsubishi original GPS smart elevator

  ★ Central air conditioning: German technology screw-type air-cooled central air pump

  ★ fire facilities: German EFF company fire alarm, sprinkler system

  ★ Safety Monitoring System: Imported professional CCTV security surveillance equipment, security patrols 24 hours

  ★ Cabling: U.S. AT & T cabling system, the U.S. HP's installation, international and domestic direct dial telephone interfaces, broadband to the home, each floor has 72 pairs of voice, data interface

  ★ power system: three dry-type transformers of 2000KVA, Cummins 310KW generator set


Rental Hotline: 66021168 6,602,116,666,021,118




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