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Sichuan Guodong Shuangke Food Co., Ltd. independently developed a new type of compound corn flakes in 2006. It is a deep-processed corn product with independent intellectual property rights. It is based on corn and scientifically cooperates with potato, soybean, wheat, pea, sweet potato, milk, etc Kinds of nutritional ingredients, made by special process. Various raw materials of this product have been passed through a series of processes such as fermentation, puffing and maturation, and refining, which not only retain the special effects of corn for lowering blood pressure, blood fat, and blood sugar, but also enhance the unique nutritional value of corn itself; Amino acid, and has a wealth of plant proteins, vitamins, minerals, cellulose, starch and other nutrients.
产品 This product adopts complete sets of equipment imported from Italy for large-scale production, and has advanced international advanced technology and production and processing capabilities. Based on the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology, the company's technical staff combined the traditional Chinese food processing technology and the nutritional characteristics of raw materials, and after a lot of scientific research, creatively completed the invention of a new type of composite corn flakes, and in 2006 applied for a national invention patent. Not only domestically but also internationally. The invention not only changes the situation of the inadequate deep processing of domestic crops such as corn, but also provides a good example of technological innovation in traditional processes, improvement of scientific and technological content and product nutrition level, and adaptation to complete equipment processing.
The new type of compound corn flakes is rich in nutrition, crispy in taste, slag in the mouth, rich in flavor and easy to digest and absorb. It not only retains the unique health function of corn, but also has strong convenience for eating. Compared with similar products, it has a large market difference. It is a catering and leisure food that adapts to the pace of urban life and leads consumer fashion, suitable for all ages.
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