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  • Name: insulating glass
  • Number: b01
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Model: the maximum size: 2000 x 3000mm, minimum size: 200 x 200mm, hollow glass thickness: 10-60mm (Maximum size:2000 × 3000mm, size:200 × 200mm Minimum)

Product description:

Performance and characteristics:

· sound insulation, indoor environment more comfortable, has the advantages of high energy saving effect.

· insulation, insulation, reduce air conditioning costs.

· the middle air layer to prevent condensation (-50C. Product application environment):

The world developed countries of Europe and the United States as early as 1982 legislation mandating the use of, is now fully extended. Residential, office, hotel, hospital and library.

General room, studio, recording studio, computer room of any civilian, industrial insulation, sound insulation shall be all buildings.

· automobile, train and airport control tower window insulation and temperature control of place and place to control atmospheric condensation.

Select the original piece of glass thickness: 3-12mm

Standing aluminium partition: 6A 9A 12A 15A (6ABp6mm gas

Layer, and so on)

Product standard: GB11944 DINI286 52294 GERMANY

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