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  • Name: Composite corn flakes
  • Number: s03
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Product description:

Product specifications: 230g

Note: 20 / product

Product information:

Composite corn flakes model Sichuan Guangyou sweet potato and food products Co., Ltd. in 2006 the independent development, is the deep processing of products with independent intellectual property rights of the corn, the corn as raw material, soybean, potato, science with wheat, peas, potatoes, milk and other nutrients, is made of a special process. The products of various raw materials are respectively through a series of fermentation, puffing ripening, refining refining, not only retains the special effect of corn antihypertensive, hypolipidemic, hypoglycemic, but also enhance the nutritional value of corn itself unique; includes the human body essential amino acids, but also has the rich vegetable protein, vitamins, minerals, cellulose, starch and other nutrients.

This product adopts Italy imported complete sets of equipment for large-scale production, leading the international advanced technology and production capacity. Company technical personnel absorption of foreign advanced technologies in the digestive, combined with Chinese traditional food processing technology and raw materials nutrition characteristic, after a lot of research work, creativity through the new composite corn flakes, and in 2006 a national invention patent applications. Not only the domestic initiative, is also the only. The invention has not only changed the domestic crops such as corn deep processing level backwardness, and technology innovation, in the traditional process to improve the technology content and product nutrient levels, as well as all aspects of adaptive processing complete sets of equipment to provide a good example.

New composite corn flakes, nutrient-rich, crisp taste, the entrance of slag, taste fragrant, easy digestion and absorption. Not only retains the corn unique health care function, but also has strong edible convenience. Compared with similar products have great market differences, is to adapt to the city life rhythm, leading consumer fashion, for young and old table, leisure food.

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