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  • Name: coated glass
  • Number: b02
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Model: the thickness range: 3-12mm, maximum size: 2140 x 3660mm, minimum size: 310 x 920mm

Product description:

Performance and characteristics:

Rich colors can provide coated glass of various colors in line with the design concept of the.

The shading effect of saving energy is different, with the overall architectural design, to achieve the best energy-saving effect, and reduce air conditioning system operating expenses.

Comfortable environment can not only through a certain amount of light, and can block the sun radiation, to create a comfortable and beautiful environment and internal space.

Products applicable to steel or half toughened glass product coating used for processing into a hollow or laminated glass curtain wall, doors and windows, to meet the product architecture, partition, decoration or its

He industrial application.

Product standard of Jc693 DIN500-21 GERMANY

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