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  • Name: Peaceful spring
  • Number: c31
  • Views : 15

Impetuous from the bustling city life to escape and return to elegant true. Ancient natural flavor flavor to subversive gesture into modern life, show a return to natural color. Put another mood, for the kind of attitude, the best of life freely. The original ecology of natural series, with real wood logs as the prototype, and sketched out a return to the natural qualities, is the bustling city after a trace Smart.


Product details



Surface Technology

Synchronous real wood on the flower

Wear Level

Household Household Level I Level II ≥ 6000 rpm ≥ 4000 rpm commercial grade ≥ 9000 rpm

Formaldehyde emission

E0/E1 level


Guodong high density fiberboard (HDF)

Edge processing

U-shaped molded lock

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