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  Guoxin Building is located on the west side of Tianfu Square in the center of Chengdu. Provincial and municipal government agencies, Holiday Inn, Jinjiang Hotel, Sofitel Wanda, People's Shopping Center, and department stores are all within walking distance. The beautiful People's Republic is close by. It is close to the south of Dongchenggen Street, the main road of north-south traffic, and close to Shudu Avenue, which runs through the east and west.

  city centre

  Kuo Guoxin Building is located on the west side of Tianfu Square in the center of Chengdu, in the CBD central area. Its unique geographic location allows it to be freely converted between the "Central Business District", "Central Business District", and "Central Administration District" to meet the diverse needs of customers.

  Puppet culture

  The fusion of traditional culture and modern architecture. Guoxin Building stands between the ancient Shaocheng and Tianfu Square. It is shining brightly in the blend of rich ancient culture and modern modern rhythm.

  the way

  Dongchenggen Street and Xiyu Street, the main road of north-south traffic, meet here. It is close to Shudu Avenue, which runs from east to west, so that you can travel without worry.

  Bus 5,13,16,45,47,58,64,61,98 ...... Multiple buses go directly to Guoxin, and the transfer is easy and fast.

  Excellent location

  It is located in the north-south hub, and the east and west are important. Guoxin Building looks to Tianfu Square in the east and People's Park in the west, and is adjacent to the provincial and municipal governments, financial centers, shopping centers, and high-end star hotels.


  Guoxin Building Property Management Services

  ★ Clean and hygienic: regular cleaning of public parts and units, dumping of garbage

  ★ Reception, consultation, message, item storage service

  ★ Printing, copying, faxing, postal, ticketing, car rental services in business center

  ★ The Property Management Office collects and pays utility fees

  ★ Engineering maintenance services, engineering equipment maintenance services

  ★ Greening

  ★ 24 hours parking

  ★ 24 hours fire protection, security monitoring, emergency services

  Guoxin Building Supporting Facilities Standard

  ★ Exterior wall: Dry hanging of granite in Naples, Italy

  ★ Toilet: 4 toilets on each floor, TOTO sanitary ware

  ★ Parking spaces: more than 80 parking spaces on the second basement level

  ★ Corridor: imported granite floor, latex paint wall

  ★ Elevator: 4 original Mitsubishi GPS smart elevators

  ★ Central air-conditioning: German technology screw air-cooled pump central air-conditioning

  ★ Fire-fighting facilities: German EFF company fire alarm, automatic sprinkler system

  ★ Security monitoring system: imported closed-circuit anti-theft monitoring professional equipment, security 24-hour patrol

  ★ Comprehensive wiring: AT & T integrated wiring system in the United States, installed by HP Company in the United States, international and domestic telephone direct-dial interfaces, broadband network to home, each floor has 72 pairs of voice and data interfaces

  ★ Power system: Three dry-type transformers with a total of 2000KVA, Cummins 310KW self-provided generator set


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