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State Council: "Changing Certificates" Repeatedly Banned, Hidden Problems of Project Quality and Safety Urgently Needed

The sixth inspection team of the State Council recently conducted an unannounced visit to construction engineering enterprises, registered personnel, and intermediaries, and found that registered personnel with a variety of practicing qualifications, including registered builders, registered supervision engineers, and so on, have long existed in the construction industry. Phenomenon brings serious hidden dangers to project quality and safety, and urgently needs to be studied and cracked from the root. The inspection team found that in the field of construction engineering, a large-scale illegal "certified" intermediary service market with clear prices, complete categories, and large scales has been developed, and black intermediaries providing one-stop services such as "training—examination certificate—registration—recruitment" are spread all over the network and various Big city. According to
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Time of issue:2020-02-26 00:00:00
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