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Guodong Central Business Building


  Financial management, active investment

  Asset activation and self-use and letting go.

  Rents are heavy. Benefits have shrunk.

  I do not want to bear high rent pressure every day. Do not want your company to work for the boss of the office every day.

  The company's image cannot be less. Primitive accumulation is more important!

  Existing space is just right. What about the future? !! Is it cost-effective to reserve a space now? !!

  Limited funds 桎 Unlimited development.

  Growing companies need more reasonable investment solutions.

  Value-added and active properties

  100% business community, providing a full range of services from office affairs to business socialization, optimizing the traditional office environment and increasing wage efficiency.

  Three service centers to make your property realize sustainable value-added

  Property management center——The property management center provides you with a number of professional services, including property cleaning services, security services, greening services, house management and maintenance, equipment management and maintenance, decoration management, water and electricity use management, vehicle and parking management , Moving services, item transfer and other standardized management.

  Business center——unshielded community, large information center, business center, multi-functional conference hall, postal service, express delivery, air ticket reservation, hotel, business escort, business meeting, call rental, translation, copying, fax and other modern business services

  Lease certificate center-commissioned on behalf of renting, selling services.

  Active business

  什么 What do people need most in the 21st century? I believe everyone has different opinions. The answer given by a well-known economist is "uncertain". Yes, not sure. Everything in the world is in dynamic change, including material and spiritual, connotative and extended, and business is no exception.

  Wu Guodong Central Business Building, in the city center, at the starting point of the CBD central axis business district, raises the flag of "active business" in the 21st century! Aiming at the key issues such as image, cost, and benefit faced by large and medium-sized enterprises in their development, we have created a platform for their rapid development.

  Active Business advocates a new business concept of freedom of space, freedom of information, freedom of interests, freedom of human nature, and freedom of work!

  OPENOpen revolution of business environment

  In the economic world, people compare the location of the leading position on a main street in the city center to crystal, the location where the two main traffic axes meet to gold, and the area where the three main roads overlap is to diamond.

  Wu Guodong. The Central Business Building is a rare diamond in the center of the city's three most vital wealth wealth, occupying the prominent position of "Golden Horn and Silver Edge". Stably away from the intersection of the three main urban roads of Jindun Road, Shaanxi Street, and Wenmiao Back Street (opposite to the Provincial Public Security Department), it integrates the central business district, administrative office area, and education and humanities area into one, 16 road, 26 road, 45 road No.53, No.54, No.57, No.78, No.93, No.94, No.103 and other bus lines pass through, which is the perfect winner of the famous downtown business circle of the city.

  Self-use, long-lasting value, once and for all; investors, firmly grasp the Shengjinwanglou, and earn a lot of money!

  Chuanxin Building · The heart of the city, my neighbor

  The Guoguodong Central Business Building stands proudly on the south side of Tianfu Square with a 32-floor, 138-meter towering giant. The Chuanxin Building and the city center form an iron triangle trend over a hundred meters above the city center! The surrounding city landmarks are surrounded by oasis buildings, Guoxin Plaza, Hongda Building, Xiyu Building and other business dipper prosperous lineups that build the city center together! Close to People's Park, Shishi Middle School, Jinli and Tianfu Square, overview the core landscape of the central area, gather the core resources of the city, and enjoy the administrative / financial / hotel / telecommunications / culture / transportation / entertainment / landscape of the central area ...

  OPENOpen revolution of business landscape

  30m high and 9m wide southwest first business waterfall, creating a "mobile business card" for active business.

  反对 We oppose that we can't release our sight when we are in a tight office.

  The Guodong · Central Business Building is up to 32 stories high, with a height of 3.2 meters per household. The width of the world is widened, and the large-scale CBD urban landscape can be seen. Listen to the sound of water up close after a stimulating meeting. The green landscape of People's Park is close at hand, the spatial vision is more three-dimensional, and the light and shadow levels are more abundant.

  OPENThe OPEN revolution of window expressions

  The "gill" of the building, creating the "dual breathing" function of active business.

  All windows are the only hollow two-way opening glass of Chengdu office building. This part constitutes the building's "system", so that the room can obtain the "dual breathing" effect of high-efficiency artificial ventilation and natural ventilation. The world's leading insulating glass technology has excellent sound insulation and thermal insulation effects, creating a first-class "domestic and external" business realm!

  OPENThe OPEN revolution of air conditioning costs.

  Independent and self-contained household air-conditioning system, creating "strong immunity" function of active business.

  Independent household air-conditioning system, the air inside and outside of each unit in the building can be independently performed, providing all-weather "strong immunity" air-conditioning function of free closing and opening. The functions of temperature regulation and ventilation are comprehensive.

  Open revolution between offices

  Full frame office layout DIY, create "spatial variability" of active commerce.

  The entire building adopts a frame structure, full-wall windows, removable internal partition walls, unique ceiling and ground wiring design, etc. Through the shaping of all "elastic factors", the entire building, whether it is within the unit, adjacent units, or even The entire floor can be used as a whole space. The space from 100 to 1,000 square meters can be connected through the entire floor, the suites can be more freely combined, and the suites can be divided at will, allowing sufficient space for growth companies to expand.

  OPENOpen revolution of elevator speed

  2.5m / s German "Thyssen" elevator, just for active "business response"

  的 The smooth and efficient efficiency of the business chain has always originated from the interlocking prior considerations. Enterprise leaders who plan for thousands of miles, all deep in their hearts, contain a generally unstoppable enterprising passion. Just as the German "Thiessen" elevator is inherently capable, it can accurately increase the speed per second at 2.5 meters per second, and it has a precision of 0.000001 level. The key moment.

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