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  The scientific research platform adopts open management, encourages the flow of personnel and technology, and carries out extensive exchanges and cooperation with universities and scientific research institutions at home and abroad.

  North America

  ·The computer forensics laboratory of Stevens Institute of technology and the United States was established.

  ·Cooperation on information security with the University of Massachusetts at Lowell.

  ·Cooperate with the University of Nevada in the field of wireless sensor.


  ·In cooperation with Australian National University in the field of intelligent perception and control, Dr. Anderson, a member of Australian Academy of Sciences and Australian Academy of engineering, was introduced.

  ·In cooperation with the University of New South Wales in the field of information security and biological perception, Professor Hu Jiankun was invited as the special expert of Mount Tai scholars.

  CIS countries

  ·Close cooperation with the National Technical University of Belarus and the National University of information and radio electronics of Belarus.

  Western Europe

  ·Cooperation with the Institute of information security of Fraunhofer Association of Germany in the fields of information security, sensor network and software engineering.

  ·Cooperation with York University in the United Kingdom for information security.

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Time of issue:2020-02-26 00:00:00
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